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Who are we?

  CHINABBQGrill.COM, belongs to AUPLEX GROUP, is a pioneer in the ever-evolving world of international trading. Unlike the traditional import/export method that involves multi-layers of middlemen, CHINABBQGrill.COMbrings a wide array of products to reta ilers and the frontline distributors directly from its partner factories in China.

By attracting small to mid-size manufacturers and importers into the arena of import/export through a specially designed business model, we will significantly expand the spectrum of product varieties and industry participants, and therefore, bring increased profits to you and significant savings to end-users.

Through its own reliable supply sources and its fully functional website, chinabbqgrill.com can directly supply quality products at great prices with better service. We can assist the Purchasing Agent or serve as one in the acquisition of product for large supermarkets, chain stores, and national wholesalers.
Up to today, there are about 100,000 pcs items in database, overseas buyer members can get full information, including price and shipping cost, also you can place orders online and enjoy more service once you login chinabbqgrill.com with your username and password, moreover if customers have special inquiry and request or do not find favorite items on website, we also can offer suitable source and quotation in couple of days.

At this time, we are also expanding our marketing channels by setting up branch offices and sales agencies in different regions. If you take interest in the project, please contact us for details.

It is your ultimate source!


Who are our customers?

- Importers who have multiple lines of products and need a experienced purchasing agent to consolidate their supplying functions;

- Importers who have single line of products but want to seek more sources or expand business lines;

- Small or new wholesalers who lack of experience and resources to import directly from China;

- Corporate buyers of OEM items. (such as promotional items, special products with own brand name, etc.)

- Sales Agents who have full-blown sales channel in oversea markets and want to develop more professional partners in China.

- National chain stores that wish to purchase products directly from Mainland Chinese suppliers that make similar or better merchandises at greater prices.

- Discount Stores or Dollar Stores that seek value-oriented products for daily life and holiday seasons.

- Sellers in eBay who seek merchandise ultimate source, also ask minimum order quantity as low as one carton and dropshipping worldwide.