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13''ceramic grill kamado grill
13''ceramic grill kamado grill
Product Name:    13''ceramic grill kamado grill Item No:     U.Price:     Payment:    120711



  • High gloss smooth surface finish several color for your option;
  • with a thermometer to control the temperature of your mini 13" kamado grill;
  • You can adjust your kamado temperature by the cast Iron top vents and bottom damper accurately;
  • Because of its special shape and ceramic, the temperature of your mini grills can reach 800 degree, it will takes about 15 mins for cooking a chicken;Your green egg is very fit for your family.Table grill egg is popular.
  • Because of the ceramic material, the moisture will not go away, so the BBQ foods from your ceramic grills will be pretty juicy and tastes much more delicious than the foods from other grills;
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